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Grass & Organic Grains

Superior Pasture and Grain Solutions

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the Grass & Grains range, featuring our exceptional selections of pasture grasses and organic grains designed for optimal livestock management and agricultural productivity.

Our offerings include Katambora Rhodes, Nemkat Rhodes, Narok Setaria, Solander Setaria Grasses, as well as Organic Corn and Organic Wheat, alongside premium-quality hay options such as Rhodes Hay and Wheat Hay.

Benefits Across The Range

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High Nutritional Value

All our products boast superior nutritional profiles to
enhance animal health and productivity.

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Environmental Sustainability

Our products promote sustainable farming
practices, from soil improvement to carbon sequestration.


Versatility & Adaptability

Our products promote sustainable farming
practices, from soil improvement to carbon sequestration.


Quality & Reliability

Our products promote sustainable farming
practices, from soil improvement to carbon sequestration.

Pasture Grasses

Katambora Rhodes Grass

Enhance your pasture with Katambora Rhodes, a high-protein grass ideal for boosting livestock health. Known for its drought tolerance and rapid growth, this grass provides a persistent, long-lasting pasture solution that improves soil health and supports environmental sustainability.

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Nemkat Rhodes Grass

Discover the robust benefits of Nemkat Rhodes Grass, a warm-season perennial that excels in diverse climates. Originating from Africa, this grass is celebrated for its high nutritional value and adaptability, making it a top
choice for improving pasture quality and livestock health.

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Narok Setaria Grass

Opt for Narok Setaria Grass for its rapid growth and adaptability across diverse climates. This grass provides high nutritional value and drought resistance, making it perfect for intensive grazing systems and promoting
sustainable land management.

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Solander Setaria Grass

Solander Setaria Grass stands out with its adaptability, making it suitable for tropical and subtropical regions. It offers excellent drought tolerance and soil erosion control, ensuring a stable and productive pasture throughout the year.

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Organic Grains



Our whole/cracked Organic Corn prioritises sustainability, quality and nutrition to meet the needs of both farmers and their livestock. Our organic corn seed is carefully selected and produced to ensure optimal growth, health, and performance in animals.

Farmer Holding Corn

Organic Wheat

Our rolled/whole Organic Wheat offers a premium solution for animal stockfeed, providing a nutritious and sustainable option for your livestock. Packed with essential nutrients, our organic wheat seed ensures the health and vitality of your animals while supporting eco-friendly agricultural practices.

Wheat Plant

Hay & Silage

Rhodes Hay & Rhodes Mulch Hay

Choose Rhodes Hay for its high fibre content and essential nutrients, making it an
excellent feed for cattle, horses, and small ruminants. Its low sugar content is ideal for animals with specific dietary needs.

Image by Heather Wilde

Wheat Hay & Wheat Silage

Our Wheat Hay provides a rich protein source for muscle development and
growth. Its palatable taste and high nutrient content make it perfect for various
livestock and small animals.

Hay Bales
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