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Boosting Health, Enhancing Growth - Pioneering Pig Nutrition for Tomorrow's Farming.

Soft Agriculture introduces a pioneering approach to pig nutrition with our Green and Conventional Pig Stockfeed ranges. Tailored to meet the unique needs of pigs at every stage of growth, from weaners to finishers, and including lactating and dry sows, these ranges incorporate the groundbreaking BioChar Activated™ Feed Additive. Whether you opt for the Certified Organic grains of the Green range or the quality grains and protein meals of the Conventional range, both offer a path to enhanced health, productivity, and environmental sustainability for your pig operation. Designed to be both affordable and environmentally friendly, our feeds deliver on the promise of superior health for your pigs while adhering to our commitment to sustainability.


Our Green and Conventional Pig Stockfeed ranges are formulated to address the comprehensive dietary needs of pigs, ensuring a balanced intake of essential minerals, vitamins, protein, and energy. The BioChar Activated™ Feed Additive in both ranges elevates the nutritional profile, promoting positive gut health and extending feed retention time. This improvement in Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR) supports enhanced weight gain and optimizes production, providing a solid foundation for the growth and development of pigs across all stages.

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Superior Health

The cornerstone of both the Green and Conventional ranges is our BioChar Activated™ Feed Additive, meticulously engineered to bolster pig health. By fostering a beneficial gut microflora and binding mycotoxins, it plays a crucial role in removing pathogenic flora, such as Campylobacter and Helicobacterium. These actions contribute to better weight gain and overall health, significantly boosting the profitability and efficiency of your pork operation. Our commitment to superior health is evident in every pellet, ensuring your pigs thrive and exhibit improved body and coat conditions.

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Environmental Benefits 

Soft Agriculture's pig stockfeeds are at the forefront of sustainable agriculture, with the Green and Conventional ranges designed to minimize environmental impact. By including the BioChar Activated™ Feed Additive, our feeds reduce nitrogen loss and greenhouse gas emissions, enhancing the Cation Exchange Capacity and lowering ureolytic activity and pH levels. This process improves the value of manure as a more stable fertiliser and enriches it with higher NPK values and stable carbon, bolstering soil health and supporting future carbon credits. By choosing our pig feeds, you make an environmentally responsible decision that benefits your farm and the planet.

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Our Green Pig Stockfeed range is a beacon of organic excellence, combining Certified Organic grains and protein meals with our BioChar Activated™ Feed Additive. This premium, certified organic feed ensures your pigs receive a diet that is not only nutritionally complete but also environmentally sustainable. Tailored for pigs at all growth stages, the Green range promotes exceptional health, productivity, and weight gain, all while adhering to organic farming principles. Choose Green Pig Stockfeed for a natural approach to pig nutrition that aligns with the highest standards of animal welfare and environmental care.


The Conventional Pig Stockfeed range from Soft Agriculture offers a pragmatic, yet environmentally conscious solution to pig nutrition. Crafted with quality grains and protein meals, and enhanced with our BioChar Activated™ Feed Additive, this range delivers essential nutrients required for optimum pig health and productivity. Designed to cater to the needs of pigs across all growth stages, the Conventional range ensures improved gut health, weight gain, and feed efficiency. Opt for our Conventional Pig Stockfeed for a cost-effective, sustainable approach to achieving superior health and productivity in your pig operation.

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