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Elevate Your Pasture Management with Nemkat Rhodes Grass

Welcome to the world of Nemkat Rhodes Grass, an exceptional choice for pasture management. Whether you are a seasoned agriculturalist or a newcomer to the field, this brochure aims to provide you with comprehensive information on Nemkat Rhodes Grass and its benefits for pasture.

Nemkat Rhodes Grass (Chloris gayana) is a warm-season perennial grass native to Africa, known for its outstanding qualities as a pasture grass. It has gained popularity worldwide due to its adaptability, high nutritional value, and
resilience to various environmental conditions.

Why Choose Nemkat Rhodes Grass?

Nutritional Value.png

High Nutritional Value

  • Protein-Rich Grazing: High protein content makes Nemkat Rhodes Grass an optimal choice for livestock, significantly boosting their health, weight, and milk production.

  • Comprehensive Nutrition: Its rich nutrient profile ensures high animal productivity, supporting overall farm output and efficiency.

Drought Tolerant.png

Exceptional Drought Tolerance

  • Resilient Growth in Arid Conditions: Thrives in dry regions, making it an ideal grass for areas with unpredictable rainfall.

  • Efficient Water Absorption: Its deep root system enhances water uptake, ensuring resilience during dry spells.

Dense Growth.png

Adaptable Across Environments

  • Soil Versatility: Grows in a variety of soil types, from sandy loam to heavy clay, in acidic to alkaline conditions.

  • Flexible Pasture Management: Suitable for different agricultural practices, including grazing, hay, and silage production.


Persistent & Rapid Growth

  • Consistent Forage Supply: Maintains growth throughout the warm season, offering a reliable source of forage.

  • Quick Regrowth: Rapid recovery post-grazing or cutting ensures uninterrupted pasture availability.

Soil Health.png
  • Soil Conservation
  • Erosion Control: Its dense root network helps stabilize soil and prevent erosion.

  • Environmental Protection: Minimizes nutrient runoff and preserves topsoil, promoting a healthier ecosystem.

Diverse Applications of Nemkat Rhodes Grass

Image by Clare Tallamy

Nemkat Rhodes Grass is not just for grazing; its versatility extends to several critical agricultural needs:

  • Beef and Dairy Cattle Grazing: Ideal for rotational grazing systems, enhancing milk production and cattle health.

  • Hay Production: Produces nutrient-rich hay for winter feed, ensuring livestock nutrition year-round.

  • Erosion Control Projects: Excellent for land reclamation and erosion prevention, helping to maintain landscape integrity.

Dog in Farm

Why Nemkat Rhodes Grass is Essential for Your Farm

Nemkat Rhodes Grass is more than just a pasture grass; it's a comprehensive solution that offers enhanced nutritional benefits, superior drought resistance, and robust soil conservation properties.


By integrating Nemkat Rhodes Grass into your farming strategy, you can boost livestock productivity, improve soil health, and contribute to sustainable land management, ensuring long-term benefits for your farm and the environment

Order Your Nemkat Rhodes Grass Today

Nemkat Rhodes Grass is ready to transform your agricultural practices. Optimize your pasture management and embrace a sustainable future with Nemkat Rhodes Grass.

Available Packaging: 10kg bags, 20kg coated bags

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