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Narok Setaria Grass: The Optimal Choice for Advanced Pasture Management

Narok Setaria Grass is a premier choice for diverse climates and soil conditions, Narok Setaria Grass provides a host of benefits for livestock farmers focused on optimizing nutrition and embracing sustainable land management.

Why Choose Katambora Rhodes Grass?

Nutritional Value.png

High Nutritional Value

Rich in Essential Nutrients: Packed with high levels of protein, carbohydrates, and essential minerals, Solander Setaria Grass promotes healthy growth and reproduction in grazing livestock, making it a primary choice for enhancing animal health.

Drought Tolerant.png

Exceptional Drought Tolerance

Reliable During Dry Spells: Known for its ability to thrive even in limited rainfall, Solander Setaria Grass ensures consistent pasture productivity, providing a dependable food source for your animals throughout the year.

Dense Growth.png

Persistent and Robust Growth

Weed Suppression and Stand Persistence: Once established, it forms dense stands that continue to thrive, suppressing weed growth and contributing to a more resilient pasture ecosystem.


Adaptability to Various Climates

Versatile Growth Across Regions: Whether in tropical or subtropical areas, this grass demonstrates excellent tolerance to both heat and cold, accommodating a broad range of pasture development plans.

Soil Health.png

Erosion Control

Soil Stabilization Benefits: The deep root system of Solander Setaria Grass helps reduce erosion potential, protecting valuable topsoil and improving land quality over time.

Effective Management Practices for Solander Setaria Grass

Image by Jonas Weckschmied

Optimal Establishment Techniques

  • Seed or Sod Installation: For best results, ensure thorough soil preparation and maintain adequate moisture levels during the establishment phase.

Fertilization for Enhanced Growth

  • Nutrient Management: Regular fertilization, tailored to your soil's specific needs, can significantly boost the productivity and health of Solander Setaria Grass.

Rotational Grazing for Sustainability

  • Promote Grass Health and Longevity: Implement rotational grazing to optimize pasture utilization and maintain the health and persistence of the grass stands, avoiding overgrazing to ensure long-term productivity.

Image by laura bicknell

Why Choose Solander Setaria Grass?

Solander Setaria Grass offers a combination of nutritional quality, resilience, and adaptability, making it an invaluable addition to any agricultural operation focused on sustainable livestock production and ecosystem health. Whether you are an experienced farmer or new to pasture management, integrating Solander Setaria Grass into your practices can elevate your productivity and contribute to a healthier agricultural environment.

Contact Us Today to Learn More about Solander Setaria Grass

For further information on Solander Setaria Grass and to discuss its suitability for your specific agricultural needs, do not hesitate to contact us. Let's work together to maximize the potential of Solander Setaria Grass in your pastures.

Available Packaging: 10kg bags, 20kg coated bags

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