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Discover the Benefits of Katambora Rhodes Grass for Superior Pasture Management

Katambora Rhodes Grass is a resilient and versatile pasture grass that revolutionizes livestock management with its numerous benefits. Perfect for both seasoned farmers and those new to agriculture, this grass variety is designed to enhance the nutrition and overall health of your livestock.

Why Choose Katambora Rhodes Grass?

Nutritional Value.png

High Nutritional Value

Katambora Rhodes Grass is rich in protein and highly digestible, making it an excellent choice for optimizing livestock nutrition and ensuring robust health.

Drought Tolerant.png

Exceptional Drought Tolerance

Adapted to perform well in both wet and dry conditions, Katambora Rhodes Grass is ideal for areas prone to drought, providing reliable forage year-round.

Dense Growth.png

Rapid and Dense Growth

This grass quickly establishes dense stands, offering ample grazing material, which is essential for maintaining a productive livestock operation.


Long Lasting and Persistent

Once established, it forms a dense sod that resists weeds and maintains pasture stability, reducing maintenance efforts and costs.


Flexible Management

Whether for grazing, hay, or silage, Katambora Rhodes Grass adapts to various farming practices, giving you flexibility in how you manage your pasture.

Soil Health.png

Soil Health Enhancement

With deep root systems, it improves soil structure, reduces erosion, and promotes water infiltration, supporting sustainable land management practices.


Highly Paletable

Livestock enjoy the taste of Katambora Rhodes Grass, which encourages higher intake and improved animal performance, contributing to more productive farming.

Optimal Management Practices for Katambora Rhodes Grass

Image by Monika Kubala

Rotational Grazing Management
Implement rotational grazing to maintain pasture health and prevent overgrazing, ensuring sustainable pasture productivity.

Integrated Weed Control
Minimise competition and maintain the purity of your pasture with effective weed management strategies.

Effective Establishment
Achieve successful pasture establishment with optimal seeding rates and expert planting techniques tailored to your local conditions.

Smart Fertilisation
Regular soil tests and appropriate fertilization enhance the productivity and longevity of your Katambora Rhodes Grass pastures.

Strategic HarvestingTime your harvests to optimize forage quality and employ proper curing and storage techniques to preserve the nutritional value of your feed.

Image by Richard Bell

Environmental Benefits of Katambora Rhodes Grass

Carbon Sequestration
The deep roots of Katambora Rhodes Grass help sequester carbon, playing a crucial role in climate change mitigation.

Promoting Biodiversity
It supports diverse plant and animal communities, enhancing beneficial insect and wildlife habitats.

Water Quality Preservation
Its soil-conserving properties reduce sedimentation and nutrient runoff, protecting the quality of nearby water bodies.

Transform Your Farming with Katambora Rhodes Grass

Katambora Rhodes Grass not only improves the productivity and sustainability of your livestock operations but also contributes significantly to environmental stewardship. By choosing Katambora Rhodes Grass, you are investing in a future of sustainable agriculture that benefits your farm and the ecosystem.

Available Packaging: 10kg bags, 20kg coated bags

Order Now to bring sustainability and efficiency to your pastoral practices with Katambora Rhodes Grass.

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