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Nature's Blend for Peak Flock Performance - Sustainably Nurtured, Superiorly Fed.

Soft Agriculture takes pride in offering comprehensive nutrition and care solutions for your sheep with our Green and Conventional Sheep Stockfeed ranges. Each range is meticulously designed to support the health, productivity, and environmental sustainability of your livestock operations. Our Green range, crafted from Certified Organic ingredients, and our Conventional range, formulated with high-quality grains and protein meals, both incorporate the revolutionary BioChar Activated™ Feed Additive. These ranges not only cater to the diverse nutritional needs of sheep at various stages of development but also align with our commitment to offering affordable, environmentally friendly options for superior livestock health.


Both the Green and Conventional ranges from Soft Agriculture are engineered to provide a complete nutritional profile that addresses the specific needs of sheep across different stages of development. By offering a balanced intake of essential minerals, fibre, protein, and energy, our stockfeeds ensure the maintenance and optimal performance of your flock. The BioChar Activated™ Feed Additive is crucial in enhancing feed conversion ratios (FCR) and extending feed retention time, thereby increasing production efficiency and supporting healthy weight gain. This focus on nutrition underscores our dedication to fostering the growth and well-being of your sheep, ensuring they receive the care and nourishment they need to thrive.

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Superior Health

At the core of our Green and Conventional sheep stock feeds is the BioChar Activated™ Feed Additive, specifically formulated to promote superior health within your flock. This unique ingredient improves livestock health by enhancing gut microflora and eliminating pathogenic flora, such as Campylobacter and Helicobacterium. The result is a noticeable improvement in weight gain and overall animal health, which translates into increased profitability for your sheep operation. By prioritising the well-being of your sheep, our feeds contribute to a more resilient and productive flock, ensuring that your animals are not only healthier but also happier.

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Environmental Benefits 

Sustainability is a key principle guiding the development of our Green and Conventional sheep stockfeed ranges. Utilising the BioChar Activated™ Feed Additive significantly contributes to environmental stewardship by reducing nitrogen loss and greenhouse gas emissions. This reduction in odour and enhancement of the Cation Exchange Capacity leads to improved manure quality, offering a more stable fertiliser with increased nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK) values and stable carbon. Such improvements add invaluable nutrients to the soil, promoting healthier ecosystems and supporting future carbon credits. By choosing Soft Agriculture's sheep feeds, farmers are investing in their flocks' health and the long-term sustainability of their land and the wider environment.

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Our Green Sheep Stockfeed is a testament to Soft Agriculture's dedication to organic farming and sustainability. Crafted with Certified Organic grains and protein meals, this premium feed is enriched with our innovative BioChar Activated™ Feed Additive. It is designed to meet the comprehensive nutritional requirements of sheep, enhancing their health and productivity through improved gut health and nutrient absorption. Ideal for those who prioritize environmentally friendly farming practices, our Green range offers an effective solution to increase production while maintaining the integrity of organic certification. By choosing our Green Sheep Stockfeed, farmers can ensure their flocks achieve optimal health and productivity, naturally.


The Conventional Sheep Stockfeed by Soft Agriculture combines quality grains and protein meals with our signature BioChar Activated™ Feed Additive, offering a cost-effective, environmentally conscious approach to sheep nutrition. This range is formulated to cater to the essential mineral and vitamin needs of your sheep, promoting superior health and productivity through enhanced feed conversion ratios and gut health. It represents an affordable solution for farmers seeking to maintain high standards of animal welfare and environmental care. With our Conventional range, achieving optimum flock health and environmental sustainability is within easy reach for every farmer.

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