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Discover Our Diverse Feed Range for All Your Cow Needs

At Soft Agriculture, we understand the diverse needs of your cattle and the importance of sustainable farming practices. That's why we offer two distinct ranges of cow feeds: the Green Organic Range and the Conventional Range. Each range is designed with the well-being of your herd and the environment in mind, providing tailored nutritional solutions to meet different farming practices and economic considerations.

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Soft Agriculture's feed ranges, both Green Organic and Conventional, are meticulously formulated to meet the comprehensive nutritional needs of your cattle. Incorporing Certified Organic grains, legumes, and pulses, alongside BioChar Activated™ Feed Additive, our feeds ensure optimal mineral and vitamin intake essential for the health and productivity of your herd. This blend is designed to cater to the variations in foraging behavior, age, and production stages of cattle, enhancing feed conversion ratios and supporting weight gain through improved gut health and nutrient absorption. Our commitment to nutrition is unwavering, with both ranges tailored to boost production while meeting the essential dietary requirements of your livestock.

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Superior Health

At the heart of Soft Agriculture's Green Organic and Conventional ranges is the BioChar Activated™ Feed Additive, a groundbreaking ingredient that promotes superior health in cattle. This additive enhances livestock health by fostering favourable gut microflora, binding harmful mycotoxins, and removing pathogenic flora, such as Campylobacter and Helicobacterium. These benefits not only aid in weight gain but also contribute to the overall well-being and longevity of the cattle. By focusing on gut health and the prevention of diseases, our feeds play a crucial role in improving the profitability and sustainability of beef operations, ensuring that cattle are not only healthier but also more productive.

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Environmental Benefits 

Sustainability is a cornerstone of Soft Agriculture's product philosophy, with the Green Organic and Conventional feed ranges designed to offer significant environmental benefits. Our use of BioChar Activated™ Feed Additive in the feeds reduces nitrogen loss and greenhouse gas emissions, notably decreasing odour and enhancing the Cation Exchange Capacity. This not only decreases proteolytic activity and pH levels but also augments the quality of manure as a stable, nutrient-rich fertiliser, contributing to improved soil health and potential for future carbon credits. By choosing either of our feed ranges, farmers make an environmentally responsible decision that benefits their farms and the broader ecosystem, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change and promote sustainable agriculture.


Our Green Organic Range combines Certified Organic grains and protein meals with our innovative BioChar Activated™ Feed Additive, ensuring your cattle receive all the essential minerals and vitamins for optimum health and productivity. It's the perfect choice for those committed to organic farming principles, offering an environmentally friendly option without compromising on animal health or productivity.


Conversely, our Conventional Range offers an affordable solution that doesn't skimp on quality. It blends grains and protein meals with the same BioChar Activated™ Feed Additive, delivering essential nutrients required for superior health and productivity. This range is suited for farmers seeking a cost-effective, yet environmentally conscious option to maintain their herd's health and boost production.

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