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Horses & Ponies

Gallop Towards Health - Premium Feeds for Equine Excellence

Soft Agriculture proudly presents our comprehensive ranges of horse and pony feeds: the Green and Conventional ranges. Designed to cater to the diverse needs of equine health and performance, both ranges blend high-quality ingredients with our innovative BioChar Activated™ Feed Additive, ensuring your horses receive optimum nutrition and superior health benefits and contribute positively to the environment. Whether you prefer the certified organic approach of our Green Range or the reliable quality of our Conventional Range, we offer affordable, environmentally friendly options without compromising on the well-being and happiness of your horses.

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Our Green and Conventional ranges provide balanced nutrition tailored for horses and ponies engaged in light to moderate work. Each range is formulated with essential minerals, fibre, protein, and energy, ensuring your equine companions' maintenance and optimal performance. The inclusion of cereal grains, legumes, and pulses, combined with vegetable protein meals and our BioChar Activated™ Feed Additive, supports the dietary needs of your horses, promoting healthy growth, maintenance, and energy levels. These carefully selected ingredients ensure your horse not only meets its daily nutritional requirements but thrives under your care.

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Superior Health

The cornerstone of both our Green and Conventional ranges is the BioChar Activated™ Feed Additive, a specially formulated blend of biochar tailored for animal ingestion. This key ingredient is pivotal in enhancing gut health, creating a favourable environment for beneficial microflora and eliminating pathogenic flora. The result is a noticeable improvement in your horse's body and coat condition, reflecting overall health and happiness. By prioritising gut health, our feeds contribute to a robust immune system, better nutrient absorption, and an enhanced state of well-being for your horses, ensuring they are as healthy as they are happy.

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Environmental Benefits 

Sustainability and environmental stewardship are at the core of our Green and Conventional feed ranges. Utilising the BioChar Activated™ Feed Additive significantly reduces nitrogen loss and greenhouse gas emissions, mitigating odour and enhancing the Cation Exchange Capacity of the soil. These benefits lead to a decrease in proteolytic activity and pH levels, improving the quality and stability of manure as a fertiliser. Richer in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK) values and stable carbon, the enhanced manure adds valuable nutrients back into the soil, fostering a cycle of sustainability and contributing to the health of our planet. Choosing Soft Agriculture's horse and pony feeds not only supports the health of your equine friends but also plays a part in preserving the environment for future generations.


Crafted from Certified Organic protein meals and enhanced with our unique BioChar Activated™ Feed Additive, this premium quality supplement is designed for horses and ponies undertaking light to moderate work. It offers a holistic approach to nutrition, providing essential minerals, vitamins, and balanced energy. Improving gut health and promoting a favourable microflora ensures your horse’s body and coat condition reflect its overall health and happiness. Opting for our Green range means choosing a path that supports environmental sustainability while fostering superior health in your equine companions.


The Conventional Horse and Pony Pellet embodies our dedication to providing affordable, high-quality nutritional options for horses and ponies. Like our Green range, it incorporates protein meals and the BioChar Activated™ Feed Additive to deliver a comprehensive blend of essential minerals, vitamins, and energy suitable for light to moderate workloads. This range focuses on improving the animal’s gut health, body and coat condition, and overall wellbeing. By choosing the conventional range, you are selecting an environmentally friendly option that does not compromise the health and happiness of your horses, ensuring they receive the care and nutrition they need to thrive.

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