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SOFTphos + C

SOFTphos + C

SOFTphos+C is a unique blend of nutrients, certified organic compost and biochar designed to stimulate soil biology and plant nutrient availability.


This combination of composted organic matter, slow-release minerals and biochar is uniquely formulated in a thermophilic composting process to enhance the availability of nutrients for plants.



Feeds soil organisms and plants

Neutral pH and low fertiliser salt index

Long-lasting – controlled release

Cost-effective – offers an affordable alternative to expensive inorganic phosphates

Source of carbon – generates improved plant energy and bacterial and microbial populations

Improves Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) of soils to retain nutrients for plant use



High in phosphorus 12% and calcium 21%

Organically friendly, high in biological organisms

Biochar inclusion for improved carbon features

Adds beneficial micro-organisms to soils and growing media

Biochar biology improves biological storage and water-holding capacity


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  • What is BioChar Activated™?

    BioChar Activated™ Additive is produced by heating biomass at high temperatures with controlled oxygen. It is highly porous and consequently has good absorption qualities. This means BioChar Activated™ is very good at retaining water, toxins and bacteria. These qualities cause BioChar Activated™ to slow digestion and increase gastrointestinal tract surface area, allowing for improved feed conversion ratios and production.

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  • Typical Analysis:

    Nutrient %/ppm Value
    Nitrogen % 0.2
    Phosphorus % 12
    Potassium % 2.1
    Sulphur % 9.1
    Calcium % 21
    Magnesium % 0.2
    Carbon % 5
    Boron ppm 8.5
    Cobalt ppm 2.8
    Copper ppm 10.3
    Manganese ppm 437.8
    Molybdenum ppm 5.2
    Selenium ppm 0
    Silicon ppm 9.5
    Zinc ppm 10697.7
  • Why do plants need Phosphorus?

    Phosphorus (P) is one of the 17 essential elements required for plants. Phosphorus is used to capture the sun’s energy and convert it to useful plant compounds. Therefore, it is essential for normal growth and development.



    Transfers energy from sunlight to plants

    Stimulates root development

    Improves crop quality

    Improves seed production

    Enhances earlier crop maturity

    Assists development throughout entire life cycle

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