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SOFT Compost +  BioChar Activated™

SOFT Compost + BioChar Activated™

SOFT Compost is moist, nutritious, humified organic compost which is created through a thermophilic composting process. It is a carefully formulated mix of food, oxygen, and habitat for beneficial micro organisms that promote the growth of your plants while enriching the soils that feed them. 

SOFT Compost is a unique blend of Compost and BioChar Activated™ designed to stimulate soil biology and plant nutrient availability.

Benefits of SOFT Compost + BioChar Activated™


Biochar biology improves biological storage and water holding capacity

Improves soil structure, aids moisture infiltration 

and permeability in heavy soils reducing erosion and runoff

Improves quality of produce and allows for wider diversity of crops

Reduces soil borne disease and use of associated fungicides

Prevents certain varieties of plant pest and disease

Improves Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) of soils to retain nutrients for plant use

Suitable for all organic and conventional crops, horticulture or gardens


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  • What is BioChar Activated™?

    BioChar Activated™ Additive is produced by heating biomass at high temperatures with controlled oxygen. It is highly porous and consequently has good absorption qualities. This means BioChar Activated™ is very good at retaining water, toxins and bacteria. These qualities cause BioChar Activated™ to slow digestion and increase gastrointestinal tract surface area, allowing for improved feed conversion ratios and production.

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