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SOFTphos + C

SOFTphos + C 

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SOFTphos+C is a unique blend of nutrients, certified organic compost and biochar designed to stimulate soil biology and plant nutrient availability.

This combination of composted organic matter, slow release minerals and biochar is uniquely formulated in a thermophilic composting process to enhance availability of nutrients for plants. 

Typical Analysis

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Availability: 25kg bags (MS201), 1000kg bulk bags (MSS 202), bulk. 

SOFTphos + C benefits

• Feeds soil organisms and plants

• Neutral pH and low fertiliser salt index

• Long lasting – controlled release

• Belt spreads onto soils in agriculture and horticulture

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What is BioChar Activated?

BioChar Activated™ Additive is produced by heating biomass at high temperatures with controlled oxygen. It is highly porous and consequently has good absorption qualities. This means BioChar Activated™ is very good at retaining water, toxins and bacteria. These qualities cause BioChar Activated™ to slow digestion and increase gastrointestinal tract surface area, allowing for improved feed conversion ratios and production.

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