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Natural and Effective Seed Coating

In the realm of sustainable agriculture, innovation has taken a leap forward with the emergence of CharCoat, a natural seed coating product developed by SOFT Agriculture. Designed to supplant traditional chemical coatings, CharCoat harnesses the benefits of biochar, a remarkable and sustainable ingredient with many beneficial qualities.  Coating seeds in CharCoat makes significant progress towards enhanced agricultural practices and environmental responsibility.

Suitable for: Pasture seeds and cereal crops. 

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Availability: 20kg bags, 25kg bags. 



The Natural Advantage: At the heart of CharCoat lies biochar, a substance that not only transforms the way seeds are coated but also exemplifies a commitment to sustainable farming. Biochar, being of natural origin, aligns seamlessly with the growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural practices. The intrinsic organic nature ensures that the coated seeds are free from harmful chemical residues, thereby safeguarding the soil, surrounding ecosystem and ultimately, the consumers. 


Absorption Beyond Measure

One of the most remarkable attributes of biochar is its unparalleled absorption capacity. With the ability to hold up to five times its own weight, CharCoat acts as a reservoir of essential components. This includes vital biological agents, growth-promotion ingredients, and moisture – all fundamental factors that contribute to seed’s germination and early growth stages. Additionally, CharCoat’s remarkable absorption capability extends to accommodating insecticides and Rhizobia, further enhancing its potential as a multifunctional seed coating. 

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Amplified Growth Potential

CharCoat not only preserves the delicate balance of the coated seed’s internal environment but also elevates its growth potential. By increasing the coated seed’s weight by up to 200%, CharCoat facilitates optimal spreading during sowing or planting. This increased weight aids in precision planting and distribution, fostering uniform growth and reducing wastage – a boon for both farmers and the environment. 


Shielding with Care

A crucial aspect of CharCoat’s innovation lies in its protective qualities. The biochar-based coating forms a resilient shield around the seed, safeguarding it from potential threats in its early stages of growth. Whether it’s harsh environmental conditions, soil-borne diseases, or external stresses, CharCoat acts as a barrier that nurtures the seed’s development by providing a secure and conducive environment.


CharCoat is not merely a seed coating product; it enhances sustainable agricultural practices. With biochar as its cornerstone, CharCoat embodies the principles of sustainable farming while delivering unprecedented absorption capabilities, amplified growth potential and essential seed protection. As SOFT Agriculture introduces CharCoat to the world, it ushers in an era where innovation and environmental consciousness intertwine to cultivate a brighter and more bountiful future for agriculture. 

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