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Conventional Chicken 

Conventional Chicken
Layer Pellet

Conventional Chicken Layer Pellet is a premium quality feed for laying hens. It provides a nutritionally balanced diet and is suitable for high producing laying hens as well as backyard layers. 

The addition of BioChar Activated™ will increase weight gain, improve feed conversion ratio, decrease methane emissions and improve the health and wellbeing of your hens. 

Nutritional Analysis

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Availability: 25kg bags (CC200), 500kg bulk bags (CC201), 1000kg bulk bags (CC202), bulk.

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Conventional Chicken Stockfeeds

Conventional Chicken Stockfeed blends grains and protein meals with BioChar Activated™ Feed Additive, to provide your flock with essential mineral and vitamin requirements for optimum health and productivity. 

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Provides essential minerals for poultry, considering the requirements and differences of foraging behaviour, age and stage of production.

Increases production due to binding of Mycotoxins and positive gut health. BioChar Activated™ Feed Additive extends retention time of feed and improves the Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR). 

Superior Health

The key ingredient is a specially formulated blend of BioChar Activated™ for animal ingestion to improve livestock health through favourable gut micro flora and removal of pathogenic flora (e.g. Campylobacter and Heliobacterium), aiding weight gain and ultimately improving the profitability of your poultry operation. 

Environmental Benefits 

Reduction in nitrogen loss and greenhouse gasses (reduced odour) due to enhanced Cation Exchange Capacity; decreased Ureolytic activity; and decreased PH or aeration. 

The value of manure is also improved creating a more stable fertiliser with higher nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (NPK) values and stable carbon to add to soil values for future carbon credits.

What is BioChar Activated?

BioChar Activated™ Additive is produced by heating biomass at high temperatures with controlled oxygen. It is highly porous and consequently has good absorption qualities. This means BioChar Activated™ is very good at retaining water, toxins and bacteria. These qualities cause BioChar Activated™ to slow digestion and increase gastrointestinal tract surface area, allowing for improved feed conversion ratios and production.

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