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SOFTrockphos is an Australian source of apatite derived phosphorus. It is uniquely formulated with a range of nutrients to replenish soil and enhance a plant’s ability to produce and store energy, as well as attract and store the ionic minerals and nutrients it needs for growth and production. 


Most Australian soils are naturally low in phosphorus and unsuitable for sustained crop and pasture production. To achieve maximum returns, growers need to apply phosphorus fertilisers to achieve productive yields. 

Typical Analysis

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Availability: 25kg bags (MS101), 1000kg bulk bags (MS102), bulk. 


 SOFTrockphos is a silicon material that increases the soil’s cation exchange capacity, enabling the soil to hold more positively charged nutrients like; calcium, potassium, magnesium and trace elements. This igneous calcium phosphate rock has high levels of minerals containing phosphate and is also referred to as rock phosphate or phosphate rock. 

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